Sunnyside Community Hall
Rusthall Road, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 8RA

Hire Our Hall

3rd May 24.   Regretably we are no longer offering our hall for one-off hires.  Regular slots remain unaffected, but for the next few weeks we will decline all weekend party requests.  Hire Agreements that have already been confirmed will be honoured.

We welcome those who would like to use our space for children's parties, meetings, training, and receptions.  Our hourly rates are £13.50 for children's daytime parties, and £16 otherwise plus a refundable £100 damage deposit.  There is a minimum hire charge of £66 but this is halved for residents of Rusthall.   For evening (*) parties we ask a minimum of 3 weeks' notice, a face to face meeting to discuss the proposed event, a £30 keyholder surcharge, and Rusthall residency.

The booking process is:

  1. You check availability on the real-time calendar on this page then drop an email to
  2. In return you receive an email containing our current Terms of Hire and a blank Hire Agreement (also available online).
  3. You pay a non-refundable booking fee of 50% (minimum £25) to our bank or PayPal account then after that, return the completed Hire Agreement (by email or using our Dropbox) maintaining the document formatting exactly. 
  4. If your request to hire is accepted, you will receive confirmation of receipt and the time slot you requested is made unavailable for others.  If we are not able to hire, the deposit will be refunded and an email sent to explain. Requests are handled on a first come first served basis so if the calendar below shows a vacancy then the first properly completed request to hire will receive precedence.
  5. At least 72 working hours before the hire, you pay the hire fee less the amount already paid as booking deposit, plus the damage deposit.
  6. You receive an email confirming the hall hire and explaining the steps involved in gaining access on the hire day.
  7. After the hire, assuming the terms have been complied with e.g. regarding cleanliness of hall and timeliness of departure, the damage deposit is refunded and a confirmatory email sent.

The hall is not available for hire between 11pm and 8am.  We allow 15 minutes either side of a hire to avoid an incoming hiree treading on the toes of an outgoing one.

We don't 'pencil in' dates until receipt of both full deposit and completed form.

*  Evening rates begin at 6pm.

Anything sent by post takes at least a week to reach us and sometimes gets lost; hence we request all transactions to be electronic.

Thanks you for visiting